M3/Sproton Layer

Laurence Miller is active in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.
Benjamin Miller is active in the Chicago, Illinois area.

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M-3: Unearthing. CD.
Sublingual Rare Editions, Oct. 2001.
Unique blend of prepared guitar (Ben), electronic/prepared bass (Roger: the Elemental Guitar set-up, this time used on bass) , and drums/keyboards (Laurence). Perhaps the sound of Unearthing might best be described as "AMM with Syd Barrett and Capt. Beefheart sitting in."
M-3: M-3 (CD, cass)
1993 New Alliance 057 (see below reviews)

Benjamin Miller: prepared stereo guitars, electronics, tape;
Laurence Miller: (drums, keyboards, guitar).
Roger Miller: bass w/loops and electronics;

The Brothers Miller record together once every ten years:
In 1969-1970 they formed Sproton Layer (described as "Syd Barrett fronting Cream" in "Our Band Could be Your Life", a book by Michael Azzerad). An album/CD was released by New Alliance/SST in 1991: "With Magnetic Fields Disrupted" (rec: 1970); and a 45rpm slab: "Lost Behind Words." (rec: 1969).
In 1989-1990 they recorded the first M3 CD: "M3", on New Alliance. (One of the "best guitar albums of the year" - Guitar Player Magazine, 1993).
In 1999-2000 they recorded this second M3 CD: "Unearthing", for Sublingual Rare Editions.
Who knows what they'll come up with in 2009.

In the mid-'70's they formed The 4th World Quartet, a precursor to Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. In the punk/post-punk era, Laurence and Benjamin damaged Michigan in Destroy All Monsters (with former members of the Stooges and MC5) while Roger damaged his ears in Mission of Burma. Currently, Benjamin is performing his solo Degeneration guitar work in the Chicago area; Laurence (alias "Mr.Laurence") performs rock songs for kids in the Ann Arbor area; Roger maintains The Binary System and The Alloy Orchestra in Boston. All members have recorded numerous CDs and vinyl slabs.

M3:M3 (New Alliance):

Roger, Laurence and Benjamin Miller (see Sproton Layer), recording together for the first time in 20 years. All play a vast array of instruments, with lots of guitars and odd sequenced percussion. The CD is 100% democratic, with each player producing a solo piece and a piece which the band fleshed out. The collective improvisation, The Basement, stands out as a classic in this form. Recorded 1989-1991.

Guitar Player, June '94:
"Juggling stylistic touchstones like King Crimson, Beefheart, Can, and Zappa, M-3 chip away at dense, guttural improvs and clusters of percussive, metallic sound... One of the richest guitar albums to emerge this year."

Chart, Feb.'94:
"Sounds as if Devo, Gang of Four and Danny Elfman decided to get together and destroy all terms of rational thought as we know it."

CMJ Jan. '94:
"Through several projects, Ben, Larry and Roger (NO MAN) Miller have been making music and noise for more than 20 years. The experimental recording approach taken by the brothers Miller under the M3 moniker encourages chaos, improvisation, discovery and total freedom. The first three tracks begin with an idea supplied by one brother, and is then refracted by the total group, each member drastically influencing the direction of the peices by using contrasting guitars and a variety of sampled sounds. In fact, all three brothers are credited as usings samples, "found sounds" and guitars, and while such technology may be of an advanced digital nature, the mindset and delivery is more evocative and purely prmitive, recalling some of Elliot Sharps' recent work. Helter-skelter rhythms (when they appear at all), fits of percussion and batches of shrieks, squaks and plinks are the norm, resulting in pieces that are unpredictable even upon repeated listens. The fourth piece, "The Basement," is an equally misleading musical group improvisation, while the remaining four tracks are solo pieces by the borthers, delivered with the same vision and enjoyable lack of restraint.

Sproton Layer

Sproton Layer: Lost Behind Words (45) rec: 1969
1991 New Alliance 802
Sproton Layer: With Magnetic Fields Disrupted (CD/LP/cass) rec: 1970
1992 New Alliance 055

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This was Roger's first original band, from 1969 to 1970. Roger played bass, sang, and wrote most of the music; Ben Miller played searing psychedelic guitar and sang, eventually contributing compositions; Larry Miller played drums in a highly unorthodox non-backbeat fashion; and Harold Kirchen (brother of Commander Cody guitarist, Bill Kirchen) played trumpet . Very "post-psychedelic", with a strong Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd and early Soft Machine feel. All members were in High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With Magnetic Fields Disrupted was described as described as "Syd Barrett fronting Cream" in "Our Band Could be Your Life", a book by Michael Azzerad, 2001.

Option, LA 60s mag

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